Celia Arellano | Pageplay
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Branding, Design, Illustration, Web design
About This Project

Pageplay approached me to help develop their online persona. Their website needed a new homepage to define their company image. I jumped straight on board and created colourful graphics to enliven their site. The focus lies within the graphics and bright colour scheme in this project to keep in line with our client’s subject matter. Here’s what Christopher Charlton had to say about my services: “Celia Arellano helped us to refresh the design for our website and developed illustrative characters to represent the team. Every aspect of the work was delivered with creative flair and professionalism. We couldn’t recommend them enough! Very very pleased with both the process and the output. Thanks so much!” The company’s second request concerned a character development for each individual team member. Attention to detail helped to bring these animated figures to life and create a friendly aura surrounding the team. I combined my design influences and Pageplay’s simplified guide to create an approachable window into the world of website creation.